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We are excited to announce the 19th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (UMFF), running October 12-25, 2020 - a virtual event! Congratulations to the official selections of UMFF 2020. Welcome to our family!

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  • Big Touch directed by Christopher Tenzis – Short (United States)
  • Damsel directed by Jahmar Hill – Short (United States)
  • Everlasting directed by Jami Ramberan – Short (United States)
  • Maroon King – The Choice of Dayu directed by  L’Charles Degreat – Short (Côte d'Ivoire West Africa)
  • Mino: A Diasporic Myth directed by Ashunda Norris – Short (United States)
  • Monitor (GN) written by Damian Wampler – Comic Book (United States)
  • The Art of Procurement directed by Anita Williams – Short (United States)
  • The Birthright directed by Breyionna Flowers – Short (United States)
  • Woke directed by Freddie Jarrett – Short (United States)
  • Zarina directed by Lexx Truss – Short (United States)


  • Knowing Anamika directed by Kandarpa Baghar (India)
  • Reflection directed by Natalia Punkova - Experimental, Other (Russian Federation)


  • Animated logo of KIT Film Studio directed by Alexander Petrov (Russian Federation)
  • Anpu - ZOEA|Official Music Video directed by Powei Su (Taiwan)
  • Genesis directed by Philip Page (United States)
  • Pequeña María / Little María directed by LUZ M. MACK, Vanessa Balleza, Victor Colon (United States)
  • RenaiDance directed by Zhike Yang, Wenjie Wu, Han Chen Chang (Jersey City, NJ United States)


  • 8102 ARIM directed by Brice Blanloeil (France)
  • GUMPTION | Triump directed by Lexx Truss (United States)
  • Image Clip of Group Of Companies KIT directed by Anton Nenashev (Russian Federation)
  • Keep It Personal directed by Kathy O. Lofton - Short (United States)
  • Maestrale Napoli directed by Alessandro Bordoni (United States)


  • 70 Years of Blackness: The Untangling of Race and Adoption directed by Christopher Windfield – Short (United States)
  • Am I Black Enough 4 You?!?! directed by Kevin Harewood - Feature (South Orange, NJ United States)
  • A Soul Journey directed by Marco Della Fonte (United Kingdom)
  • Big Tyme the Documentary of Kelcey Williams directed by Frank McCurrie II, Derrick Mosier  (United States)
  • #Black directed by Yvano Antonio - Short (Canada)
  • Can Art Stop A Bullet: William Kelly's Big Picture directed by Mark Street – Feature (Australia)
  • COSMONAUTS directed by Danila Gulin - Short (Russian Federation)
  • DAMITA. directed by W. Feagins, Jr. - Short (United States)
  • Funeral of a Nation: A Musical Essay directed by Keith Nixon Jr. - Short (United States)
  • Girl DADS directed by J. Wiggins - Short (United States)
  • Hackers: The Misfit Superheroes directed by Ethan Wilk – Student Short (United States)
  • Last Call for Tomorrow directed by Gary Null,  Valerie Van Cleve_Co-director (United States)
  • Opus Travel Art directed by Maurice Porcher (United States)
  • Remembering Bronzeville directed by Karen Slattery  (United States)
  • Sankofa Curtain Call directed by Joddy Eric Matthews, Chris Kennedy – Short (United States)
  • The One and Only Jewish Miss America directed by David Around (United States)
  • The New Abolitionists directed by Christina Zorich (United States)
  • The Raising of the Son directed by Ricardo Jackson, Solipsism Suite, LLC (United States)
  • The Story of Special Woodstock directed by Erin Rooke (Victoria, British Columbia Canada)
  • The Unheard Tales of the Tamikafest directed by Fenell – Student Short (United States)
  • Where My Girls directed by Mads Engel - Student Short (United States)
  • Wisper directed by Russ Emanuel - Feature, New Media (United States)


  • Come On In directed by Daniel Callahan - Student (United States)
  • Green Flake directed by Mauli Junior Bonner (United States)
  • Lupe directed by Fady Haddad (United States)
  • Mabata Bata directed by Sol de Carvalho (Mozambique)
  • Paula, Why? directed by C.G. Reeves (United States)
  • The Education of a Negro directed by Ryan Culver (United States)
  • The Meeting That Shaped Amerikkka directed by Kristopher Adams, Joshua Austin - Feature (United States)
  • The Process directed by Jake Fay (United States)
  • Through the Eyes of a Father directed by Ty Rae Carter (United States)
  • WOW directed by Justice Gamble, Alex Benjamin (United States)
  • YARDS directed by Andrey Korytko (Russian Federation)


  • Knowing Anamika directed by Kandarpa Baghar (India)
  • The Last 5 directed by Kelechi Ariwodo – Student (United States)


  • Don't Sleep On Me - Sheranda Kelley Lyric Video (United States)
  •  “Everything Here” - The Suffers directed by Nate Edwards (United States)
  • Get Up directed by Sonny Mao, Jonathan Chowthi (United States)
  • I Can directed by Hulon E. Crayton II (Lonnie) (United States)
  • Lover I Surrender directed by Fiona Cochrane (Australia)
  • Moving On: Be Brave Enough to Walk Alone directed by Marquelle Young (United States)
  • TSOY IS DEAD! directed by Alexander Solovyov (Russian Federation)
  • Two in the Morning directed by Hulon E. Crayton II (Lonnie) (United States)
  • Resilient directed by Song (United States)


  • Boys 'n' Ghouls Film Review produced by Sarah Stephenson (Australia)
  • Curtis Mayfield, Superfly produced by Lanita Duke (United States)
  • Let's Talk about Race produced by Lanita Duke (United States)
  • SportsWorld 20:20 produced by Rose Green (United States)
  • The Faith Report produced by Lanita Duke (United States)
  • The "I Am . . ." Project produced by Angela Inez (United States)


  • #ChangeYourFrame directed by Kevin Wu (United States)
  • Ladybug directed by Elmar Bayramov, Elchin Aghayev (United States)
  • USLP Shower directed by Bauddhayan Mukherji (India)

  • A Broad's Way written by Charles F. Copeland – Feature (United States)
  • A Florida Man written by Makenson Bienaime (United States)
  • Angel City written by Al Mertens (United States)
  • Be Back at 8 written by Jillian Herrera Janairo – Short (United States)
  • BIH PLEASE written by Katrina Jaxson – Spec/TV Script (United States)
  • Black Jesus written by Lenny Pappano – Feature (United States)
  • Bystander's Apathy written by Jacob Swann – Feature (United States)
  • Dark Angel written by Leonard Anderson – Spec/TV Script (United States)
  • Destiny’s Grace written by Kirby Freeman – Feature (United States)
  • Disguised Deep Sequel 1 written by Kiara M Graham – Spec/TV Script (United States)
  • Faerie written by Michael J. Nash – Feature (United States)
  • Flo written by Dwayne Kemete – Short (United Kingdom)
  • F-SQUARED written by Stefan LaToure – Spec/TV Script (United States)
  • H I D D E N (A Story of Love, Betrayal and Revelations) written by Patricia D Lewis – Feature (United States)
  • Idol written by L. Marie Wood – Short (United States)
  • Joleen written by Cadell Cook – Feature (United States)
  • Just Another Day written by Stefan LaToure – Short (United States) Student
  • KATRINA written by Gazanfer BIRICIK – Short (France)
  • Made In America written by Anonymous (United States)
  • Neptune's Honor written by Larry Thomas (United States)
  • Preacher's Kid written by Gregory Bonds (Seaside, CA United States)
  • Raisin Men written by Katrina Jaxson – Spec/TV Script (United States)
  • Sacred Flames written by Gordon Scott Williams – Feature (United States)
  • Sonya Rykel's ShoGun Generals written by J. Jermaine Jones (United States)
  • SwICKed written by Georgette Franklin – Feature (United States)
  • The Black Hole written by Lisa Wood – Feature (United States)
  • The Family Fune Home written by Georgette Franklin - Spec/TV Series (United States)
  • The Kandahar Man written by J. Jermaine Jones (United States)
  • The Secret Life of Balls written by Gregory Bonds – Animation (United States)
  • Abysmal Ties directed by Michele Adams (United States)
  • A Natural Choice directed by Harrell D. Williams, Sr. (United States)
  • And Here We Are directed by Cameron Michael Debe (United States)
  • Ayana directed by Kyle McConaghy (United States)
  • Bitter Earth directed by Nile Price - Short, Student (United States)
  • Black Boys Can't Cry directed by Victor Gabriel (United States)
  • Bobby directed by Cortez Mack, Daniel Merrick (United States)
  • Box: A Digital Love Story directed by Chase Michael Torrence (United States)
  • Crown directed by Nicole Collins (United States)
  • Destiny's Road directed by Kameishia D Wooten (United States)
  • Dignity directed by Pat Battistini (United States)
  • Eraced directed by Herschel Grangent Jr. (United States)
  • Family Ties directed by Thomas Javier Castillo (United States)
  • Furthest From directed by Kyung Sok Kim (United States)
  • Girlfriend directed by Patrick  Albright (United States)
  • Gravel Wounds directed by Demarcus Brown (United States)
  • I'm Press directed by Emmanual Fordjour – Student (United States)
  • I'm Sorry directed by Marcellus Cox (United States)
  • Interview With A Break Up Guy directed by Patrick  Albright (United States)
  • Jaded Gems directed by Horace and Carneshia Holloman (United States)
  • Jerome Taylor directed by Bryan Bostic (United States)
  • Just Another Angry Black Woman directed by Obi Ejikeme, Andreia Solomon Burke (United Kingdom)
  • One Sweet Night directed by Daniel Pfeffer (United States)
  • Orange Morning directed by Reshaun Jones (United States)
  • Pastor Please directed by Michael A. Harvey (United States)
  • Privilege directed by Omó Pastor (United States)
  • Royal Purpose directed by Rashida Beach, Ashley Monique (United States)
  • Taboo directed by Jato Smith (United States)
  • The Last 5 directed by KELECHI -Short (United States)
  • The Scent directed by Farhad Pakdel (Canada)
  • The Existential English Bull Terrier And The Marshmallow Test directed by John McAleer (United States)
  • The Watery Grave directed by Michael Amerson Jr. (United States)


  • January 14th directed by La'Chris Jordan (United States)
  • Meet Me Inside directed by Dominique Brownes (Canada)
  • Sundays directed by Keisha Johnella Davis (United States)


  • Orange Morning directed by Reshaun Jones - Short (United States)
  • Pastor Please directed by Michael A. Harvey – Feature (United States)
  • The Stolen Motorcycle directed by Kim J King – Live Streamer (United States)


  • Chrysalis directed by Henri Genty, Martin Genty (France)
  • Have A Good Day directed by Chauncey Jackson - Experimental  (United States)
  • Puzzles: Deciphering Life directed by Ricardo Jackson (United States)
  • "The Circle" directed by Carlton Thompson (United States)
  • Trace "Pilot" directed by David Velick (United States)

VIDEOPALOOZA – Youth Filmmakers

  • Discoveries: Awakening directed by Noah Semeria – Short – High School (United States)
  • Double Cross directed by Amiri Scrutchin – Short – High School (United States)
  • Hackers: The Misfit Superhero directed by Ethan Wilk – Short - High School (United States)
  • Imaginarium directed by Robert Carrillo, Taylor Chavez, Danyae Souther – Short  - High School (United States)
  • It’s Called Revenge directed by Michelle Burger – Short - High School (United States)
  • MLK directed by Orlando Campos – PSA – High School (United States)
  • Rita directed by Will Nordstrom – Short - High School (United States)
  • The Wedding Dress directed by Kelly Long – Short – High School (United States)
  • What’s In The Bag directed by Ana Lambiase, Andry Vasquez, Felix Gualtieri, Finley Acker, Jeremy Valatka, Kendall Devlin, Leah Alfaro – Short – Middle School (United States)


  • Boy Zombie directed by So-jin Park (Republic of Korea) - Note: Best if watched with Samsung HMD Odyssey.
  • Gravity - Virtual Reality directed by Fabio Rychter, Amir Admoni (Brazil)


  • Ashes directed by Neriah Kharece (United States)
  • Family First directed by Brett Newton (United States)
  • My Life directed by Karlton T. Clay (United States)
  • New Year, New Us directed by Nina Stakz  (United States)
  • Opus Travel Art directed by Maurice Porcher (United States)
  • Sister President directed by Joe Camareno and created, executive produced and written by Nicole J. Butler (United States)
  • The Stolen Motorcycle directed by Kim J King (United States)
  • The Unsuperheroes directed by Caitlynn Silvius – Student (United States)
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