Connecting exceptional urban content creators with investors, producers, directors, studio and production executives, agents, managers and mentors

The format of the Urban PitchFest is simple. Participants will have 15 minutes to pitch their projects to various representatives in the film and television industry in a speed-dating atmosphere. Be a part of the inaugural year of the Urban PitchFest 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Professional consultations are also available at the Urban PitchFest 2017 with 15 -25 minute sessions available with accomplished professionals in the film, TV and content creation arenas.

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We Cannot Expect To Be Represented If We Are Not In The Room

The Urban Mediamakers is a consortium celebrating content creators who use new technology to create a multitude of interactive projects. The non-profit organization gives urban content creators an opportunity to showcase their artistry as they tell stories of their communities, compete with peers, hone their skills through educational series and interact with public supporters of media excellence. With projects from all genres, the Urban Mediamakers bring a mixed bag of media projects from animations to dramas to sci-fi and fantasy.

One of the biggest challenges for independent content creators of color is making the right connections with industry movers-and-shakers. To answer that challenge, the Urban Mediamakers is proud to present the first annual Urban PitchFest 2017 — putting urban content creators in front of producers, directors, studio executives, investors, agents and managers for an opportunity to pitch their projects in all genres.

You are invited to participate in the Urban PitchFest taking place Sunday, October 8, 2017, during the 16th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (UMFF) at Cinefest Movie Theatre at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. [Get tickets today!]


Urban PitchFest Format

Participants will have 15 minutes to pitch their projects to your company representative(s) in a speed-dating atmosphere. If your company is interested in the project, you will contact/provide the participant with next steps after the Urban PitchFest 2017. [Get tickets today!]


Who Should Participate in the Urban PitchFest?

Urban PitchFest 2017 participants are writers, filmmakers, storytellers, app designers/ developers with excellent projects for the world. [Get tickets today!]


Invited and Confirmed Individuals and Companies for Urban PitchFest 2017

We are excited to announce confirmed participants of Urban PitchFest 2017.


BYSB Talent Agency.

BYSB Talent Agency is the new generation of Atlanta theatrical agents in film and television. Principals are Tay Smith and Christopher Young. [Get more information.]


Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III, Ph.D.

Wilmer J. Leon III, Ph.D. is a Political Scientist whose primary areas of expertise are Black Politics, American Government, and Public Policy. For 11 years he was a Lecturer/Teaching Associate in the Political Science Department at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Currently, Dr. Leon is a nationally broadcast radio talk show host on SiriusXM Satellite radio channel 126, nationally syndicated columnist, and regular political commentator on national and international news programs.

Dr. Leon latest book is "Politics another Perspective: Commentary and Analysis on Race, War, Ethics, and the American Political Landscape. 2016 Author House. He is a regular contributor to TruthOut.org, The Root.com, Politics In Color.com, BlackStar News.com, Black Agenda Report, Black Politics on the Web, and over 200 newspapers and other web sites across the country. He can also be seen as a regular contributor and analyst on TV-One’s News On Now with Roland Martin, Press-TV and RT TV. [Get more information.]



KweliTV is an interactive, streaming platform that is dedicated to the stories, issues and culture of the global black community. The streaming service offers indie films, documentaries, web shows and news programming for the entire African diaspora. Kweli means Truth (pronounced kwal-lee) in Swahili. [Get more information.]

All paid attendees of UMFF will receive a one-month trial (versus seven days) and 25% off of a KweliTV subscription for the first six months!

UMFF 2017 award-winning films and web series will receive a licensing deal with KweliTV.


Overstreet Production and Post

Overstreet Production and Post is a full service Production & Post facility located in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. With over 17 years experience, Overstreet Post is the hot spot for filmmakers in Atlanta. Services provided include editorial, writers/proucers, graphics and 3D animation, music scoring and sound design, video uploads, DIT work, Daillies on location, production crews, location scouting and ADR voiceover recording. [Get more information.]


Redelia Shaw

A Los Angeles-based filmmaker and Directors Guild of America (DGA) 2nd Assistant Director, Redelia Shaw has worked on numerous projects including Blackish, Scandal, House of Lies, The Muppets, Heroes and The Office. She is a professional in the Communications and Media Studies Department at Santa Monica College. She is on the Urban Mediamakers board of directors and oversees the Urban Mediamakers West chapter at Santa Monica College. [Get more information.]



WeCodeAcademy is a non-profit organization teaching computer program languages and skills in Georgia. The organization teaches adults and youth how to use computer programming languages to create websites, games, mobile apps and operate robotics. WeCodeAcademy also provides digital content creation through training in storytelling — film/TV production, motion graphics and digital publishing. The organization is looking to partner with the next million dollar app or game idea. [Get more information.]

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  • Distribution:
    Companies specializing in distribution
    Traditional and digital streaming. [Get tickets today!]
  • Agents:
    Actors and Writers
    Agents with the right connections. [Get tickets today!]
  • Producers and Production Companies:
    Professionals looking for to work with Urban content creators and finding the next great project. [Get tickets today!]
  • Directors
    Directors looking to collaborate with writers to produce content for all medias. [Get tickets today!]
  • Investors:
    Apps, Films and Pilots
    There are traditional and angel investors ready to finance exceptional projects that offer high return on investment (ROI). [Get tickets today!]
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